The LivePro is LAI’s in-lane hardware solution. It provides audio and video streaming capabilities, our powerful proprietary control software (training on this is included with new client sign-ups) and the V5 Clerk application with which to run your sale.

Newer models, still in R&D, are very small, at about 8” x 6” x 1” and weigh about two pounds, making it very easy to transport from secure storage to your auction lane on sale day. It has no moving parts and a sleek style designed to dissipate heat without the needs for case or CPU fans.

Please note: some additional hardware may need to be purchased, depending on your infrastructure. You may need to also purchase audio and network cables, an audio mixer, an audio cable splitter, camera mounting brackets, etc., which we can make available to you. We can discuss your infrastructure needs early on so there are no cost-related surprises down the road.