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Bidder Enhancements & Features

Bidders, did you know that we now support multiple browsers? Also your proxy bids will automatically add to your watch list and the lot history is now available for any of your watch list units.

  • MultiBrowser Plugin:  This add-on allows bidder’s (running  Windows) to bid from any of the following browsers; Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera and of course our currently supported browsers Mozilla Firefox & Internet Explorer.
  • Proxy Bids Automatically Add To Watch List: This enhancement will automatically add a lot to your watch list when a proxy bid is placed.
  • Watch List History: Lot history will now show for lots in your watch list that have been sold. The bidder can see the following information; whether they’ve won the lot, a list of all the proxy bids placed, when and where the lot was sold and the price it was sold for.

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