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The New LiveBlock V5

LiveBlock V5 brings your online bidding experience to the forefront of this innovation with a meticulously designed user interface and enriched functionality. Below are a few of the ways LAI's V5 bidding interface has been improved and streamlined for you and your bidders.

- V5's multi-lane support allows you to easily watch and participate in multiple auctions at once.

- Watch-list: A vehicle from any sale you are participating in can be added to your watch list.

-  Watch-list notification: The V5 offering provides you with instant notification when a lot you've added to your watch-list is about to reach the auction block.

- Designed to fit your needs: We've built into V5 a modular design that allows us to configure your bidding interface according to your needs. This design is available for all of our V5 clients and brings our white label offering to an entirely new level of service.

For more information, please feel welcome to click below to watch the demonstration video.


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