Roe Peterson
Director of Research & Development, LAI

1961 - 2015


Roe Peterson was the creator of the core technology of LAI. 

The product he developed on his own was so innovative that it proved to be a significant challenge to others to reproduce. 

Roe’s brilliance was evident at an early age; he started taking university classes in Computer Science when he was just 14.  Once he completed all the Computer Science courses the University of Regina offered, he left to begin his career.

The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix called Roe “the first professional computer programmer in Saskatchewan.”  His past jobs included creating accounting systems (for the Saskatchewan Department of Energy and Mines) as well as network protocols used by fax machines (for the Australian government).  Although he could have been hired at many well-known companies associated with such industry giants as IBM or Intel, he chose to be with LAI from its inception in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Roe prided himself on being the consummate professional.  He was classy, gracious, and a generous colleague who was passionate about his work and proud of LAI’s many accomplishments. 

His technical skills, intelligence, and personal values combined to make him an excellent mentor; others learned simply from being around him. 

Outside of LAI he was a championship-level poker player, an expert pool player, a published photographer, a gourmet cook, a collector of vintage computing devices, a science fiction fan, and an avid reader.  He especially prized his PDP-11 computer, his 2002 Thunderbird convertible, and, previously, his 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

Although he had many personal interests and friends, LAI remained the focal point of Roe’s life.