Our Team

Alex's Team

- Mobile Application Development

Joe Song, M. Sc.
Manager of Application Development

Jeffery Zhang
Software Developer

Buffalo Zhang
Software Developer

- Full Site Development

Stewart Berntson
Senior Software Developer

Rick Caudill
Software Engineer

David Bollman
Team Lead

Talha Khan
Software Developer

Avani Patel
Software Developer

Michael Fig
Software Engineer

Alex Wang, M. Sc.

Alex Wang, M. Sc.

Director of Technical Services

Tel: 1 306 523 4006

Alex joined the LAI team in 2002 and has delivered a wealth of knowledge and experience to the LAI software development team. As Director of Technical Services, Alex is focused on bringing leading edge, robust technology to a very complex, demanding and ever changing, fast-paced auction environment. Alex holds a Masters of  Science degree from the University of Regina with a major in computer science.

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